The federation of Jesuit alumni was established in 2003, 24th of February during the constituent assembly of Vilnius Jesuit alumni association and Kaunas Jesuit alumni association. The Federation is not a superior organization but an institution designed to coordinate communication and mutual projects.

Lithuanian Federation of Jesuit Alumni became a competent member of the European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni  in 2003, 26th of April in Barcelona. It is not registered in the Centre of Registries as its activity is more symbolic and meant to be a means of coordination.

During the constituent assembly these decisions were made:

  • Federation will implement these duties:

§  Coordinate mutual projects in national as well as international levels

§  Plan mutual projects and events

§  Form mutual values and priorities

§  Represent both associations

  • Federation will have these positions:

·     The President of the Jesuit alumni federation.

Simonas Petrulis became the first president for the term of tree years as he actively took part not only in the creation of the federation but also in the establishment of the Jesuit alumni association of Kaunas.

·     Two Vice-Presidents.

These positions are automatically filled by the presidents of both associations. In the year 2003 Martynas Lukoševičius (Vilnius Jesuit Alumni Association) and Ramūnas Maruniakas (Kaunas Jesuit Alumni Association) became the first two vice-presidents.

·      Secretary

·      Treasurer

·      Five project coordinators

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